For customers looking for a high-vacuum exhaust unit

 ・High-vacuum puming units combined with a turbo-molecular pump
 ・Clean exhaust and vacuum
 ・Ease of operation



Clean exhaust and vacuum

This model is a completely dry high-vacuum pump system combining a turbo-molecular pump and an oil-free scroll vacuum pump.



The unit is very compact, requiring little installation space. It can be installed in the vicinity of a device currently in use. Equipped with wheels, the unit is easy to move.


Ease of operation

The unit can be operated in two modes. The scroll vacuum pump and turbo-molecular pump are operated separately in manual mode, and the two pumps are started simultaneously at the touch of a button in auto mode*. One of these modes can be selected accordin
* In auto mode, the capacity of the unit, including the chamber and piping parts, is limited.


Optional accessory products

The unit can be customized with factory-installed optional accessory
products, such as vacuum chambers, vacuum gauges, automatic valves, etc..
Please consult with your ANEST IWATA’s Vacuum Equipment specialist



■Accelerator ■X-ray analyzer
■Synchrotron radiation ■Electron microscope
■Leak test ■Test analyzer
■Mass analyzer ■Auxiliary high-vacuum pump system
■Surface analyzer ■Others


Safety precautions

This vacuum pumping system is suitable for clean processes only.
Do not use toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles. ANEST IWATA will not perform maintenance work on pumps which have used special gases or other hazardous substances.
Use at ambient temperature in the range of 15℃ to 40℃.
A chamber, vacuum gauge, automatic valve, etc. may be attached upon request.