A variety of options are available for vacuum pumps.


【NEW】Sound Enclosure

It reduces running noise by 5dB.
Quieter and ideal ambient for laboratory experiments.

・It weighs only 8 kilograms.
・Easy to install.
・The enclosure has a small opening to read hour counter.
You may use a KF flange clamp after installation.
■This enclosure fits ISP-250,250B,250C only. 


Moisture separator / Silencer

For DVSL・GVS series
*Air hose and hose clamp are sold separatory.
Air hose (98804230)
Hose clamp (96993705)


Inlet filter

・Vacuum inlet filter A15 (Rp3/8)
・Vacuum inlet filter A25 (Rp1)
*Connection conversion flange , please be prepared separately
●Polyester element
●The filtration accuracy 95% by 5micron
●Stainless steel clip


For moving and storing a vacuum pump
Applicable models


Power-supply box

Power-supply box for vacuum pump protection



Usable for multiple purposes such as gas pulsation prevention or use as an auxiliary tank
20L(Connection NW25)
35L(Connection NW40)