【NEW】ISP-1000E has been upgraded to high-efficiency (IE3) motor.

  ・Clean exhaust and vacuum
  ・Easy to use with low vibration and low noise
  ・Compliant with CE and CSA
  ・Compliant with RoHS Directive
・Compliant with cTUV

 Scroll Meister

Lleak-tight ISP-500C model

We now offer leak-tight pumps in the 500L class that provide greater leak tightness than the former models to meet the needs of those customers wishing to recover rare gases or environmentally hazardous gases efficiently or conduct highly accurate analyse
 【Main applications】
  ■Gas recovery



Extensive product lineup

Five models are available, from ISP-50 to ISP-1000E.
The pumps can deal with a wide range of applications from atmospheric pressure to the ultimate pressure.
These are multi-voltage pumps that can be used with any type of power supply around the world (except ISP-50).


Track record proving ANEST IWATA's supremacy

The dry scroll vacuum pumps are used in various vacuum environments, ranging from the accelerator market to the general-purpose vacuum device market.
These pumps provide clean vacuum without back-diffusion of lubricating oil.
They endure repeated continuous operation between atmospheric pressure and vacuum and are capable of continuous operation near atmospheric pressure.
These features make the pumps best-selling models.


Features of scroll-type pumps - low vibration, low noise and high efficiency!

The processes of suction, compression and exhaust proceed continuously with little change in torque, resulting in low vibration and low noise.
The suction chamber and exhaust chamber are not adjacent to each other, making the pumps less prone to leaks and highly efficient.


Ease of maintenance

Since the pumps do not use cooling water or lubricating oil, they are easy to install and maintain.
There is no need to inspect and replace oil filters, lubricating oil, etc.



■Sputtering equipment, vacuum deposition equipment, ion plating equipment ■Accelerator
■Surface modification, electron beam process ■Vacuum furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace
■Gas circulation and recovery devices ■Laboratory experiments and analyzers
■Vacuum Pump system ■Vacuum packaging machine
■He leak detector ■Others
■Vacuum vacuum chuck


Safety precautions

This vacuum pumping system is suitable for clean processes only
Do not use toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles. ANEST IWATA will not perform maintenance work on pumps which have used special gases or other hazardous substances.
Use at ambient temperature in the range of 5℃ to 40℃(10℃ to 40℃ for ISP-1000E).