General-purpose dry scroll vacuum pumps

【NEW】GVS-E type has been upgraded to high-efficiency (IE3) motor. 

・Clean vacuum and exhaust
・Tough pumps resistant to water vapor exhaust
・Compliant with RoHS (except GVS-250)

S Dry

GVS-E type has been upgraded to high-efficiency (IE3) motor.

The new GVS-500E/501E and GVS-1000E are now available with high-efficiency (IE3) motor upgrade.



Clean exhaust and vacuum

With the pumping section containing no lubricating oil or sealing water and no bearing equipped around the part touching gases, these are completely dry pumps that provide clean vacuum and no oil mist.



The pumps are of a completely dry type, and the air-flush function makes them better able to exhaust water vapor and foreign matters and provides greater durability and a longer maintenance cycle.


Reliable ultimate pressure

Operating efficiency has been dramatically improved as loss of vacuum does not occur even during prolonged operation.


Low noise

The pumps can be installed for near-hand operation as orbiting scroll generates only moderate noise.


Low running cost

Under normal use conditions, periodical maintenance is only required at two-year intervals for GVS-250 and at one-year intervals for GVS-500E, 501E and 1000.Daily maintenance cost can be reduced.


Support for special customization

We will be happy to accommodate your specific needs for fluororubber, different voltage, etc.

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■Vacuum chuck ■Vacuum drying only for water based
■Vacuum transport ■Vacuum packing
■Vacuum forming ■Particle transport (entry of particles needs to be prevented)
■Deairator ■Leak test
■Other vacuum applications

Safety precautions

This vacuum pumping system is suitable for clean processes only. Do not use toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles. ANEST IWATA will not perform maintenance work on pumps which have
Use at ambient temperature in the range of 5°C to 40°C.