【NEW】DVSL-E type has been upgraded to high-efficiency (IE3) motor.

  ・Clean exhaust and vacuum
  ・Resistant to repeated operation between atmospheric pressure and vacuum
  ・Resistant to water vapor exhaust
  ・Compliant with RoHS Directive (except DVSL-1002E)

S Dry

【NEW】DVSL-E type has been upgraded to high-efficiency (IE3) motor.

The new DVSL-500E/501E/501E-HC and DVSL-1002E are now available with high-efficiency (IE3) motor upgrade.



Clean exhaust and vacuum

With the pumping section containing no lubricating oil or sealing water and no bearing equipped around the part touching gases, these are completely dry pumps that provide clean vacuum and no oil mist.


Tough and resistant to water vapor exhaust

They are tough scroll vacuum pumps that are resistant to continuous operation near atmospheric pressure, repeated operation between atmospheric pressure and vacuum, and water vapor exhaust.


DVSL-1002E - Large-displacement multi-stage pump based on DVSL-500E

The front panel has an hour meter for operation button maintenance and management.
A thermal magnetic switch protects the electric motor.
The air cooling dry scroll system makes daily maintenance easy to do.
The air-flush mechanism makes the pump resistant to water vapor exhaust.


Pumps with hard coating launched!

Hard coated pumps with Ni-P surface treatment are now available in the 100L~500L class.
They can be used for water vapor suction and exhaust.
 [Main applications]
  ■Vacuum condensing, vacuum freeze drying
  ■Pure water production

 For details, contact us. Periodical maintenance is required.


■Vacuum forming ■Vacuum drying only for water based
■Deairator ■Ceramic industry
■Vacuum chuck ■Gas substitution
■Cryopump roughing and regeneration ■Pumping for electron tube
■Vacuum cooling ■Central vacuum equipment


Safety precautions

This vacuum pumping system is suitable for clean processes only.
Do not use toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles. ANEST IWATA will not perform maintenance work on pumps which have used special gases or other hazardous substances.
This vacuum pump requires periodical maintenance at intervals of one year or after every 8,000 hours of operation under normal use conditions.
Use at ambient temperature in the range of 5℃ to 40℃.