Huge reduction in nitrogen gas cost!

・Huge reduction in waste.
The generator makes it easy to supply nitrogen gas.
・The use of an oil-free scroll compressor achieves a low noise level and a big saving in floor space.
・The color touch panel displays various kinds of information such as the operating status and periodical maintenance alerts.

Cost saving (cost simulation)

No material cost needed - huge reduction in nitrogen gas cost

Our nitrogen gas generator readily extracts nitrogen gas from the free atmospheric air.
This brings a huge reduction in nitrogen gas cost, which has been a big burden on your business.
The bothersome task of cylinder replacement is also unnecessary. What's more, microcomputer control significantly reduces the workload involved in management work most of which has been done by humans.


75% cost reduction - annual cost saving of 2.26 million yen (example of a food company)


The initial cost can be recovered in a short time.

The graph below shows an example where the customer was able to recover the initial cost in a short time after the introduction of NP-55BH (99.9% model).
* The initial cost is assumed to be 4,500,000 yen.
* The cost recovery period may differ depending on the use conditions.
* The calculations of all data assume the use of NP-55BH.



Easy operation and floor space saving

Easy operation with a color touch panel (NP Series/NPS Series)

The color touch panel displays various kinds of information such as the operating status, error warnings and periodical maintenance alerts.
You can input detailed settings, such as the regulation of the pressure and purity of nitrogen gas at the generator outlet and the timer function settings, as appropriate for the use condition, just by touching the panel.


Floor space saving with a built-in oil-free scroll compressor (NP Series/NPK-07)

The compact design offers a floor space saving.
With the air source built in it, the generator is easier to install and operate than separate-type models.

You can choose from two different methods to suit the intended application.

Nitrogen molecules (N2) account for about 80% of the volume of gaseous components in air. The nitrogen gas generator generates highly pure nitrogen gas by extracting nitrogen from the atmospheric air that contains an inexhaustible amount of nitrogen and removing oxygen and water.


Who benefits from this product?

Customers who wish to cut nitrogen gas cost

Food company A fills the packages of its products with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation and maintain quality. Since it uses a large amount of nitrogen gas, the monthly gas bill had been a big burden. The company introduced the PSA nitrogen gas generator and succeeded in achieving a huge cut in nitrogen gas cost.
Food company A succeeded in cutting the cost by 650,000 yen annually.

Customers who want to save labor in cylinder replacement

Pharmaceutical company B used nitrogen gas cylinders for analysis equipment at its laboratory. The lab staff felt frustrated because of the burdensome job of cylinder replacement and because they couldn't check and adjust the remaining gas amount and sometimes went out of gas during analysis. The company introduced the membrane-type nitrogen gas generator, which eliminated the need for gas cylinders and freed them from all the burdensome tasks.
Pharmaceutical company B succeeded in getting rid of the burdensome job of cylinder replacement.

Customers who seek centralized

Metal processing company C used a nitrogen gas generator for laser processing. It outsourced the work of maintaining the nitrogen gas generator and the compressor for the source air to different companies. This caused trouble to the staff of the company because they did not know where to contact in the event of a failure. The company introduced ANEST IWATA's nitrogen gas generator, which enabled it to centralize all the maintenance work and get rid of all the burdensome tasks.
Metal processing company C succeeded in getting rid of the burdensome tasks of maintenance and management.