High-quality model for hot incoming air
A rust-proof, non-leakage stainless steel heat exchanger is used.

Compressed air exhausted from an air compressor contains lots of hot moisture. Using such compressed air as is will damage pneumatic equipment.
The refrigerated air dryer forcibly cools incoming compressed air to condense moisture.
To remove the troublemaking moisture and supply dry air, it dehumidifies air to the pressure dew point of 10°C.
New types of refrigerant with no ozone depletion potential, HFC134a and HFC407C, are used.


●High corrosion resistance
A stainless steel plate-type heat exchanger is used.

●Compact size
The dryer is more compact in width, depth and height than the previous models, making it easy to install.

●All the models capable of dealing with high pressures
All the models can deal with a maximum operating pressure of 1.4 MPa by default.

●Centralized management in the plant (option)
The dryer can be managed centrally by remote control and monitoring operation and error signal outputs.

●New more environment-friendly refrigerants
New refrigerants, HFC134a and HFC407C, have no ozone depletion potential.