Useful when more dry air is needed than what a regular refrigerated air dryer provides.

An energy-saving dew point sensor minimizes the purge flow rate (by up to 96%). Also, a unique exhaust method realizes low noise level.
The SHD Series is a super heatless dryer that has reached new heights of reliability, performance and ease of use.


●By monitoring the outlet air dew point directly, the adsorption/regeneration switching time can be changed according to changes in the dew point. This suppresses purges, enabling optimal energy-efficient operation.

●A two-stage exhaust system (PAT.P) reduces the noise level significantly - by about 35 dB(A) - compared to previous models.

●The dryer features a dew point sensor as a standard component. The sensor keeps the pressure dew point displayed in digital form, making it possible to check performance in a safe, reliable manner.

●A corrosion-proof stainless steel vessel-type cylinder is used to contain the drying agent to improve the quality and reliability of supplied air.

●The cylinder containing the drying agent can be detached easily by turning it by 45 degrees. Also, a latch mechanism locks the cylinder to secure safety.