Screw compressor solicited worldwide with even greater efficiency, safety and energy-saving performance. That's "Exact Air."

・Oil-lubricated type compressor that supplies powerful air
・All the models feature the latest twin screws.
・Fine dual control enables energy-saving operation.


Highly efficient and easy to use with as little waste as possible. This compressor meets all these needs for screw compressors and supplies powerful air. Its name "Exact Air" reflects the compressor's ability to meet diverse needs exactly.
The compressor represents the new world standard from ANEST IWATA, a company that has delivered the most screw compressors in the world. The compressor main unit contains twin screws with uniquely shaped teeth to pursue greater efficiency. In addition, the use of the latest compressor diagnosis system and control method results in improved stability and energy-saving performance. Simple but powerful and energy-saving. "Exact Air" exactly meets various needs and brings high-performance air to production sites around the world.

Meeting various needs exactly

Twin screws in the compressor main unit to pursue greater efficiency

・We have developed unique screw teeth and installed the latest twin screws in all the models.
・Low level of noise from the front is achieved by changing the configuration of the set. The noise level is 4 dB lower than previous models (15 kW and 22 kW).
・A cartridge-type oil separator element is used, making the compressor easier to maintain.
・The lineup includes a high-pressure model, which can be used when high pressure is required at the use point.

Easy-to-operator monitor

・Pressure can be set easily on the monitor.
 The minimum pressure difference can be set down to 0.05 MPa. Lowering the upper-limit pressure realizes energy-saving operation with ease.
* When lowering the pressure difference, select an appropriate air tank.

Air/oil flow diagram

Fine dual control for energy-saving operation

In addition to energy-efficient loaded and unloaded operation, automatic motor start/stop is supported. The motor automatically starts and stops up to eight times per unit time, reducing wasteful unloaded operation.

The latest compressor diagnosis system is used. By connecting a measuring instrument to the measuring plug of the compressor main unit, the life of the bearings in the main unit can be checked in advance.

Inverter control also available for even greater energy savings

Greater energy savings

Efficient rotation appropriate for air consumption is provided under all load conditions to reduce power consumption, delivering an optimal air flow for the use condition.
・Constant pressure control keeps the target pressure within the range of ±0.01 MPa, achieving an energy saving of about 6% compared to the standard model (fine dual control).
・An energy saving of about 40% is achieved at 50% load compared to the standard model (suction throttle valve control).
・The motor stops when air consumption is low.
・The low-pressure speed increasing function offers an increase of about 10% in exhaust air at 0.4 MPa.
・A built-in reactor controls harmonics of the inverter.
An easy-to-operate LCD touch panel is provided as a standard component. It features maintenance indication, fault indication, remote control and external output port. An automatic power fail recovery function is also available as a standard feature.