The pressure switch enables simple control.
Easy to use and economical.

・Source of air for operating general factory equipment
・Leisure services
・Fiber industry




"Four cutting-edge technologies"

・Low noise: Industry's top-class low noise level. All 1-MPa models operate more quietly than before.
・Low vibration: Improvement of 2 to 5% in vibration over previous models.
・High efficiency: Improvement of about 5% in efficiency over previous models.
・Low oil consumption: Industry's top-class low oil consumption. A 5% decrease in oil consumption has been achieved from previous models.

Energy-efficient, economical and easy to maintain

・Automatic start-stop system using a pressure switch
・Air inlet located in front for easy daily maintenance
 For safety considerations, a plastic safety cover is attached to the high-pressure cylinder that can become very hot.
・All the models feature a totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor.
 This prevents problems such as damage to bearings due to dust or other waste matter and insulation deterioration caused by moisture.
・The rotating sections are covered by a totally-enclosed belt guard.