Useful in a wide range of outwork applications including building painting, construction and stone processing.

・ Drive source for tire filling or air tool
・ Drive source for construction machinery or maintenance work


Capable of providing the maximum pressure of 1.4 MPa and dealing with medium-pressure applications as well. Work at high places and remote places is easy.

Innovative idea and light, compact size
Large wheels allow the compressor to move easily even on uneven surfaces at the site (portable type).

Easy maintenance
Inlets of two cylinders are combined into one, and the large inlet filter is even easier to clean (for 2.2-kW and higher models).

Safety design
The dangerous rotating sections are guarded by the plastic belt guard and main unit cover to ensure a higher level of safety. 

Highly efficient cooling system
The two-way cooling system, combining a large-capacity cooling fan and the pulley of the main unit, provides much improved cooling performance. This protects the compressor from high temperatures (for 2.2-kW and higher models).