Simple and economical
The package type is very quiet.
All models are equipped with an oil alarm as a standard feature.

・Source of air for operating general factory equipment
・Leisure services
・Fiber industry



"Four cutting-edge technologies"

"Four cutting-edge technologies"
・Low noise: Industry's top-class low noise level. All 2.2- to 3.7-kW models operate more quietly than before.
・Low vibration: Improvement of 2 to 5% in vibration over previous models.
・High efficiency: Improvement of about 5% in efficiency over previous models.
・Low oil consumption: Industry's top-class low oil consumption. A 5% decrease in oil consumption has been achieved from previous models.

Advanced functions to meet professionals' expectations
Functions such as microcomputer control, remote control and multiple unit control are available as options or built-to-made models.

Energy-efficient and economical
The automatic start-stop system using a pressure switch enables energy-efficient and economical operation.