High pressures of up to 3.0 MPa are offered for a package type compressor.

・High pressures of up to 3.0 MPa
・Simple package design

・Laser processing
・Resin blow molding
・Other high-pressure air (gas) supply applications



Quiet package-type compressor (56 dB)

・The package-type compressor is a low-noise, low-vibration device, which reduces the noise level at the work site.
With its sophisticated simple package design, the compressor can be installed anywhere.

A wide range of pressures can be used.

・The customer can set the pressure arbitrarily within the range from suction pressure to 3.0 MPa. This helps prevent the pressure from rising higher than necessary, leading to energy savings.

Easy multiple unit control

・Since multiple units can be controlled, large-capacity applications can be supported. The compressor is ideal for resin blow molding and other applications that require large-capacity high-pressure air (nitrogen gas).

Piping example for inhaled air