This compact package provides clean air for a variety of applications.

・Suitable for a variety of applications that require high-quality air.
・Nailing and maintenance painting (package type)

Note) OFP-041C or OFP-071C must be put on its side when used. They cannot be used in the erect position.





Special light alloy is used in the main unit of the compressor, making it significantly lighter and more compact.


Composite resin piston

A composite resin piston has been adopted for the first time in the world, resulting in considerable improvements in reliability and durability.


Handy and compact

・The product can be used casually because it is light and compact and operates on 100 V. Since it is oil-free, it is easy to maintain.
・Suitable for nailing, maintenance painting, etc.
・The product features a pressure reducing valve as a standard component and can readily be used.


Tank-mounted type

・Since the product is oil-free, it is best suited to applications that require high-quality compressed air.
・A highly durable composite resin piston is used, eliminating the need to worry about seizure or scuffing.
・Since the product operates on single-phase 100 V, it can readily be used with a residential power supply.