Useful in a wide range of outwork applications including building painting, construction and stone processing. The product combines quietness, cleanliness and power of action into a single unit.

・Building painting (spray painting)
・Construction work (air source for carpentry and plastering)
・Plating (air tools)
・Air source for other outwork applications




Use of an oil-free compressor main unit

The oil-free compressor main unit that requires no lubricating oil makes the compressor slimmer and lighter, achieving a reduction of about 9 to 15% in mass and a reduction of about 9 to 45% in volume relative to previous models.


Easier maintenance

In addition to the oil-free compressor main unit, the engine is equipped with an oil sensor. This significantly reduces the workload of daily maintenance. Of course, since the compressor is oil-free, it offers clean air.


Quieter package

・The compressor is so quiet that it can be used at ease even in residential areas.
・A slowdown mechanism is adopted that automatically causes the engine to rotate more slowly when no load is applied to the compressor. This makes the engine more fuel efficient and the compressor quieter.
・All the models come with a name plate, on which the owners can put their names for owner identification and theft prevention. 
・A model equipped with an engine with a cell and a model having a batter as standard component are also available.