The models of this series are highly durable and provide clean air.

・Foods and beverages
・Dental equipment
・Air source for machine tools
・Painting, etc.




The unique composite resin piston and totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor provide a long life and clean powerful air.

・Since a self-lubricating composite resin piston is used, there is no need for lubricating oil, resulting in excellent durability without seizure or scuffing. The oil-free models provide high-quality clean air.
・The two-stage compression system (for 5.5-kW and higher models) offers high pressures of up to 0.85 MPa.
・All the models feature a totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor. This prevents problems such as damage to bearings due to dust or other waste matter and insulation deterioration caused by moisture.


Easy control and safety

・The oil-free type does not require oil maintenance.
・Functions such as microcomputer control, remote control and multiple unit control are available as options or built-to-made models.
・Low noise levels from 52 dB(A) to 59 dB(A) are achieved.


Energy-efficient and economical operation

The automatic start-stop system using a pressure switch enables energy-efficient and economical operation (0.75 kW to 11 kW).