The world's first oil-free booster

・Clean air and long life
・The world's first oil-free booster compressor

・Boosting of compressed air
・Substitute for booster valves
・Pressure boosting aimed at saving energy after lowering pressure


◆Energy-saving method using a booster compressor


The world's first oil-free booster compressor

・Since a self-lubricating composite resin piston is used, there is no need for lubricating oil, resulting in excellent durability without seizure or scuffing. The oil-free model provides high-quality clean air.

A wide range of pressures can be used.

・Pressure can be set freely within the range of 0.7 to 1.4 MPa, leading to energy savings.

Quiet package type

・The noise level is low - between 55 dB and 56 dB.

High compression efficiency to provide energy savings through boosting

・When combined with the lowering of the compressed air line pressure, the compressor can be used as an effective energy-saving system.

Air flow rate

Piping example for inhaled air


The world's first composite resin piston

The composite resin piston made of heat-resistant thermoset resin endures continuous use at high temperatures and is highly resistant to wear. The use of this composite resin piston makes it possible to remove the rider ring required for conventional pistons, eliminating the need to worry about seizure or scuffing that may damage the compressor. Also, highly heat-resistant and anti-wear fluorine resin is used in the pressure ring.